Author cocktails in the establishments associated with Barcelona Cocktail Art

Discover the 80 cocktails bars around the city where you can enjoy the best cocktails and distillates

Barcelona is a city that faces the sea, very attractive for many visitors and as such, a hospitable city focused on service. The night of the city has always been accompanied by professionals willing to give the best service behind a bar, after work, before a dinner or after it. A fine distillate well served or a masterfully made cocktail is usually the reward for the one who seeks an experience or wants to share a moment that will become an unforgettable memory.

Barcelona is a city of bars. Some of the best in the world are already in the city, some of the most classic and renowned also share the bill, and other new, rogue, modern and of all styles complement the current great offer of bars and cocktail bars.

This year, Barcelona Cocktail Art will have more than 80 establishments, including bars, cocktail bars, some of them hotel establishments and others on the street, but all of them, outstanding for their impeccable service and their commitment to signature cocktails.

These cocktail bars will serve as host spaces where hospitality and unforgettable experiences can be lived not only by the regulars of the city but also by visitors to Barcelona Wine Week, and particularly within BWW likes the city!

Place: 80 Cocktail bars distributed throughout the city.

Date and time: From Friday, January 31st to Wednesday, February 5th Check out their opening hours.

Capacity: Unlimited.

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