Do you dare to try a cocktail with wine?

Ideal offers you an experience where wine is the protagonist through cocktails

From the Ideal Cocktail Bar we come to offer a proposal of 4 very special cocktails. The first 3 seek to play with different wines from Jérez. The Bamboo is ideal for the aperitif. The Sherry Mary, powerful version of the classic Bloody Mary and the Sherry Cobbler, refreshing and sweet. The last one, the Champ. Cocktail 2.0 is a cocktail made with champagne as it was done in the past. All cocktails will be accompanied by a dish: potato omelette, gildes, salmon with turnip sauce and stiltton matured in generous wine.

 Place: Aribau 89, 08036, Barcelona

 Date and time: From February 6 to 9

 Capacity: 68 pax

Price: 15€/ cocktail and tapas.

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